By Veromadrig

Have you ever heard a worker say “This is not my life, it’s just my job” ?  Or on the other hand, you work so much you hardly have time to live your life?

Both perspectives generate conflict in me, first one we may be talking about someone who is not committed to their job and probably nit even like it. It’s just for the money. Second one, you may love your work so much that you forget that you also have a family, one that is not always gonna be around you, or you may not all your life feel with enough energy to discover the rest of the world. So what you put on hold now doesn’t insure you’ll be able to do it after.

After sharing all these thoughts, I’ll also share what I learned on last day at VVLead, which has a lot to do with it, and with giving it a good thought of how are you living your life/job today.

So as always my day started at 6:30 AM ( I had a night before South African wine OMG so good! So I slept to relaxed with out my alarm, still I made it!)

Breakfast was delicious as always and a good chat with Daniela from Peru. She really got me thinking on the world our kids will inherit. I also told her the frustration on not knowing how to help, by making little changes in our day to day. Meet her project here.

So after Emily explained how was the monitoring and evaluation would be, it was Work – Life integration. This was very interesting because it was the time to complain (this was so fluid!) about problems we have at work & job. The way I see it, even though if we asign time for each activity; one affects the other.
I was in the Finances table! Sooo interesting, because we where 3 nonprofits & a number lover; Dani! she made to us so clear the importance of knowing the price of what we do for free, and unless you don’t support your family you can use your time for free, but not for ever. You too, need to be financial healthy. It made soooo much sense to me after almost 8 years working (me & the committee for free) . So this part of the mentoring was to find solutions to problems we all come around being social entrepreneurs.

Holistic Life Mapping was about getting your priorities right by answering this 2 easy questions:

If you only had 24  hours, what would you do? or if you had 5 wishes, what would they be?

You must also asign the percentage you give to these concepts:
Health, spiritual, leisure, romance, home, education, career & finance.

So what do you think of your life / job so far?

The thing is that if we can’t live parallel lives, then we must make sure we love our work and we give quality time to us and our family/pets/friends, etc. So start making commitments with yourself and write the down with dates.

After these sessions we learned how to use the platform we will be working on, how to work with each other (Fellows) by gives and gets. We ended the evening in a nice experience at Moyo Zoo Lake.  It was a bittersweet  experience since we had so much fun but we all knew next day would be heading back home.

Vital Voices gave me a inner vision that in a way I sensed but not quite could explain it. This must be an experience as a Social Entrepreneur you must live, it’s great for networking and knowledge.

Very grateful Pond’s & Vital Voices FOREVER!

A Lucky GeekGirl In SouthAfrica.


Great detail from Ponds & Vital Voices <3

Dinner at Moyo Zoo Lake, Johannesburg, South Africa. It was cold but hearts warm.



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  1. Daniela 7 years ago

    Great recount Vero. Or as a friend said to me ince “Life is what happens when you are busy thinking about it!!”. Miss you VVLead sister!

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