By Veromadrig

We normally do our projects and maybe get caught up in the process and just don’t pay attention to other things. Do people understand you the way you imagine?

So today as usual I got up at 6 AM, yup getting ready for a good breakfast takes time 😛

I was specially excited today because I brought some brands of México part of our community GeekGirlsMx and I was so excited to share with the fellows. Sara Miau, YayNay, TintaRosaMx, Manvantara, Perfidia Vintage, Mex&Co, Mekishico & Fernando Hair Dressing went with me to South Africa and of course took care of my outfits these days. Fellows & media visited my spot and they loved what México is doing and some even took that mexican style back home!

We had a media day, so Ponds & Vital Voices explained why they had made this partnership. Quoting VV:

Vital Voices has partnered with POND’S in our new initiative to inspire and strengthen the women of the world who dare to apply innovative and value-driven approaches to tackle social, human rights and environmental challenges at all levels of society.

After lunch we heard about personal brand, this was very interesting since social media can help to create a better message/impact or to look incoherent. So a way to corroborate if people is saying what you where trying to communicate you must look into what people says about their experience with you, see if your social network reflects your brand promise, values & personality, who is your imagery, the content you post, your appearence or speaking engagements and so on.

So basically you must search on your branding process according to your goal 4 steps:

1. Target audience
2. Brand promise
3. Brand identity
4. Brand experience

Another topic we looked into was how to make correct communication for social change. Basically we can break it in 3 concepts:

a) Resonance: It’s made of Big beliefs, blue skies, burning platfomr & ethos (Craft. caring, cause)
b) Clarity: Here we find concreteness, simple language, single ask.
c) Persuasion: Built upon ethos, built upon rapport, baby steps.

So after this we had extra office hours & fireside chats to ask over specific doubts to our mentors.

So I was thinking, how many geeks would like a talk about this?

See you in next post!

Mekishico & Mex&Co where part of the outfit <3

Representing Pond’s South Africa, VVLead, Harris Insights & Analitycs, Vital Voices on Media day.

Our Lucky winner in south africa, VVLead fellow, Shirley.


Zoe with her Manvantara!

Coffee break! Time for chat with Tippi & Megumi.

Christin “Cici” Battle, Young People For.

With Dissa Syakina, Fingertalk Enterprise & Supreet K. Singh, Safecity.

GeekGirlsMX, market place: Manvantara, Sara Miau, Mex&co, YayNay, Temple de Mexico, TintaRosaMx & Mekishico.

With Nadya Okamoto, PERIOD & Olwethu Leshabane, The Red Wings Project.

Open Streets Cape Town by Marcela Guerrero.

Ollin by Greta Ríos.

Fatty legs by Christy Jordan-Fenton.

Hoshizora by Reky Suarima.

MitiMeth by Achenyo Idachaba.

Centre for Media Literacy and Community Development (CEMCOD) by Prossy Kawala.



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