By Veromadrig

Today was my third day in Johannesburg, Southafrica but my 2nd session with other fellows. I totally love the weather… Cold!

So I got up at 6 AM and got ready for breakfast around 7 AM. It was great because you would get the chance to talk to other fellows while eating. I used Perfidia’s Vintage dress, because we would also have our portrait taken <3 Must to look professional 🙂
So we started punctual at 8 AM, who ever was the last on entering the room would have to sing the National Anthem. This was so fun and encouriging to not be the last!

This day was heavy because we learned about many things.  The strength Inside: New Leader Values for Catalyzing Change was very interesting (Actually I can’t pic a favorite, I loved all the sessions)

“Vulnerability, Patience, Collaboration, Empathy & Fexibility are catalyzers for real change”

Looking into these concepts, you can find how to interact with the problem and address it in a correct way.

After we heard and understood the meaning of each, we heard all VV Ambassadors lived by these concepts. For example EMPATHY: One understanding mexican inmates being apart their new borns in prison, fathers not wanting to give their daughters in Pakistan and so on.

We closed today’s session learning on how to make a powerful elevator pitch and advices on how to network with others. This was  a great day as well!

See you on next post!

Today was portrait day, so I needed Perfidia Vintage & Temple de México.

Great VV Ambassadors Left to Right: John Gerzema, Devi Asmarani, Saskia Niño de Rivera, Samar Minallah Khan, Anne Githuku-Shongwe, Kiran Bir Sethi, Jamira Marilyn Burley.

Break Out Session with Fellows

With Saskia, such an amazing mexican VV Fellow! floWErpoWEr !

Ok, elevator pitches aren’t easy to do. Explain all you do in so little time!

Of course mexican power night out! Greta & Gaby, great mexican fellows with interesting projects making positive social change. At Mandela Square.


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