By Veromadrig.

So my clock went on very early; 6 AM and to tell you the truth, I really enjoyed all the process of getting ready for breakfast with the girls, wondering who will I meet while eating.  After a great breakfast I headed to the asigned room and we listen to Alyse telling us about how Vital Voices was borned around 1997-1999 and that thanks to women that wanted to take VV to other countries it grew!

By 2000 leaders told them what to do so they could improve their project and they also became a Non Profit. They believe on investing on women to make real changes and they also know that women will pay it forward.

She also shared cases of extraordinary women that had  gone through terrible experiences, but it was precisely that event in their lives that made them strong & passionate about changing others luck, by creating projects that took care of those issues.

As a leader you must find a driven force, this will give you authenticity.
You must have strong roots, be a good listener.
You cross lines, this is by reaching out for those who are not 100% convinced of what you do, but you manage to convince them.
Bold ideas require of bold actions.
Pay it forward, what ever you learn you must teach it to others as well.

This makes a great leader.

We closed with the importance of telling a great story. You must not lie but tell your story in a way  that who hears you has an emotional reaction, a mental imagery or loss of awareness.

Emily wrapped up the session and after that it was dinner time. This was great quality time because I has the chance to talk with more fellows.

Today was a great day!


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