Pictures by Veromadrig & Samar Minallah.

Hey Geeks! Well after a good rest we started with so much energy! We wen’t through the program, tips and all resources we would have during this week. So first thing first, meet the fellows and there incredible projects.

Baiqu Gonkar is from England/Tibet and she is founder or Art Represent, a social enterprise dedicated to promotion and empower artists from conflict areas around the world.

Dr. Rouba Mhaissen
is a Syrian- Lebanese economist, activist and community mobiliser. She is the founder and director of Sawa for Development and Aid, a non profit organization that support Syria refugees in Lebanon. and Sawa Foundation UK that supports  forced migrants in Europe and Middle East.

Baiqu & Rouba

Greta Ríos is a Mexican youth activist. She started a national non-govermental organization in 2011 named Ollin and have been working to promote youth participation in México since then.

Mehwish Niaz is from Pakistan and Founding Director at The Laureate Foundation. They provide a platform to harness and nurture young people through informed, innovative and value-driven approaches for personal, community and national development.

Verónica Madrigal is our CoFounder and part of this program. She represents GeekGirlsMX which is a platform (community online-offline) that shows women & girls to make out of their passion their dream job supported by technology.

Greta Ríos

Mehwish & Verónica


 Umba Zalira is from Malawi and CoFounder of Growing Ambitious, an all young women led non profit organization that supports movement building, and provides career guidance and comprehensive mentorship to vulnerable young women in the peri-urban  areas of Lilongwe.

Jessica Soto is from Perú and founder of Mujeres Líderes. They provide counseling, coaching, capacity building in weak areas for business women. They also provide networking and exhibition sales events to promote their brands. Soon we will have news of collaboration with this awesome project!

Umba & Jessica

Tippi Fernández. She is from Philippines and Director and Head of Business and HR at BagoSphere. She helps youth unemployment through job preparation programs.

Samar Minallah Khan. For the past 15 years she has challenged child marriages and various forms of culturally sanctioned violence against women and girls. She uses a camera to catalyze  change and shift mindsets through documentary and other forms of creative media.

Tippi & Samar

Cecille Pauline Sanglap is from Philippines and a self-taught artist and migrant women and children’s right activist. She is leader at Batis AWARE (Association of Women in Action for Rights and Empowerment) on a voluntary basis.

Christy Jordan-Fenton is from Canada and an author of four award-winning children’s books about inuvialuk elder Margaret Pokiak-Fenton’s time at Indian Residential School. Fatty Legs & A Stranger At Home have been added to numerous Canadian School curriculums.

Keren Jackson is from Ireland and CEO and founder of Bluefire, a social enterprise empowering young people to create innovative solutions to fostering  integration in their communities.

Christy & Cecille


Christin “Cici” Battle is from United States and Director of People For the American Way Foundation’s  Young People For, a national leadership development organization for college.aged folks.

Natalie Tingo is from Kenia and she is founder of Msichana Empowerment Kuria, and organization she founded at 19 years old. Her organization  reaches more than 30,000 people from her community in Southern Kenya  with End Female Genital Mutilation, education, human rights, youth and women empowerment programs.

Barbara Oliveira from Brazil is host of meaningful conversations and facilitator of social change processes, a conflict transformation mediator, strategic  negotiator, and Master coach.

Jamira Marilyn Burley is from United States and she has been recognized by the Obama White House as a Champion of Change, she is the essence of persevarance. She leads with marked expertise on youth engagement education reform, global citizenship, corporate social responsibility, gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform.

Natalie & Cici



On Vital Voices team we had time to talk to Alyse Nelson, President & CEO. As a great staff that supported us all the time, Emily Goodman, Program Manager on VVLead, Ellen gilbert, Program Coordinator of VVLead, Alejandra Garcia-Diaz Director of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning.

Can you imagine all these girls in just one room? Next post, what we learned on day 2!

floWErpoWEr geeks!


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