Hey so it’s me again flying out from “the nest” to meet the girls from #VVLead program made by Vital Voices & POND’s! This time POND’s selected Bogotá as the country to receive all these great projects.

So today I want to share a very important message to all mommy’s out there. So it turns out that my 8 year old had a tough time letting me go, he even cried. This broke my heart. I wan’t to do things with my kids but I also NEED to do things alone. I was thinking that this kind of situations makes some mothers sacrifice their dreams many times, but this even if it hurts is so important to show them how some other things all also important to you as an individual person.

So I had the talk with my son, I let him know that if he cried I would cry. That mother’s and sons are so connected that we feel them. I told him to please not cry ’cause I could be in my presentation and suddenly start crying! “Please don’t troll me!” I told him or I would look something like this:

He laughed alot! When he cut the drama then I told him about how I love being with them and this also important to me and I’m committed to this project. Since I’m in a separation-divorce process I explained that I must cover my income but doing what I really love. He just payed attention and then….


We made our promise to facetime all nights! That made him more comfortable. And so this gave me peace of mind but didn’t stop me. You see if we quite we also show them this, how to quite to their dreams. We must explain all angles, it is gonna hurt a little but we must keep walking. We are making our future through little or big actions from our present, so this is a big thing to consider.

So I arrived at 1 am at the airport and they opened until 2:30 AM the flight left until 5:30 am more less, yup no sleep what so ever! My flight was from Guadalajara to Panamá then Bogotá. Must say that everything wen’t perfect! Arrived in time and Panama´s airport is very well organized!

But as always it was a warm welcome from Vital Voices Staff and all the fellows. We where so happy to see us again and meet new fellows with incredible projects. They always look for great hotels to work in. You see, we have long program to work through the day, so a good space, food and area to move around are very important. This time we stayed at Hotel W. It’s beautiful!

So this first day was more about resting and then getting ready for the welcome party, must say it was delicious. Japanese & Perú combination at Osaka. All the girls got to talk about our lives, relax, get rid of the travelling hours and some had still a terrible jet lag.

Tomorrow info a 1st day of work!

Adiós Panamá

Hola Bogotá



Today I wore Rojo Celeste shoes & Achi Mariachi earrings.  


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