By Veromadrig
I have never thought about how long can a place be! I assumed that since you are in airplane it’s a matter of hours, but guess what GeekGirls? Southafrica is 2 days away from Mexico!

You read it right! I left on saturday from Guadalajara to Mexico city, where I found a perfect little spot to work on details of this blog, while waiting for my connection to Sao Paulo. I arrived next day (Sunday) at 6:00 am. In Sao Paulo I had to wait 12 hours! I could of gone to the city but I really wanted to rest and keep working, so Tryp Hotel in Guarulhos airport was very convenient! If you don’t pick up your luggage, you can stay in this hotel since it’s in the same terminal where you leave to Southafrica.

I must say it has been long time ago since I traveled alone and so far, and you know what?

Women must do this at least once!

For a moment I felt guilty leaving my children behind, I think maybe other mothers might feel the same when wanting to persuit for own dreams… Then something happen, my husband said go for it! And my kid said, we’ll be ok don’t worry! (Bring a back a present!)

This adventure thought me to let go for a moment house life and reach for what me and other geekgirls back at Guadalajara have been working for 7 years; more knowledge for the community!

I feel free and ready to take in all the things I have to learn. I also taught my dear kids (And they taught me) that mommy is out for one of her dreams and they can also team up with daddy!

Finally got to Johannesburg on Monday at 7:30 AM

Men & women must team up to keep on growing together! #floWErpoWEr !

Read me on next post! Follow on our networks #VVLead2017 #VVLeadFELLOW #ALuckyGeekGirlsInSouthAfrica

Sweet TintaRosaMx ring <3

Bye bye México!

Sao Paulo 2nd. stop!

Hello Brasil!

Cold foggy morning

Only 2 planes arrived! No people around!

This airport is big! Looking for Tryp Hotel

Energy time…

Finally made it to Johannesburg!

Ready for VVLeadFELLOW

  1. Christina 7 years ago

    Has been nice to read a bit about your travelling alone adventure, im new at this geekgirls thing, good luck from gdl.

    • Author
      GeekGirls 7 years ago

      Christina glad you liked reading it!

  2. karla gradilla 7 years ago

    i liked a lot too. Thank you for sharing! It is inspiring and nutritious to all of us. Traveling challenge us, it gives so much to learn. Bring tons of ideas and dream, bring all that passion around you!!

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